Wahr Cargo Kft. is one of the most prominent bulk and general cargo transport companies in Hungary.


We offer a wide range of highly reliable services starting from domestic and inter-warehouse stock transfers to

the organization of complex barge transportation and freight train services. With commanding to move around 12.000 tons of goods in a month, building on the experience and commitment of our colleagues we are able to perform any type of transportation tasks within the shortest possible time and at affordable prices.


Our company’s main business profile is the transportation of bulk goods and the provision of high standard logistics services to cereal merchants and cereal producers. We are mainly specialized in the transportation of cereals, oilseeds, protein source seeds, agricultural seeds and fertilisers, and provide our services in cooperation with a group of carefully selected subcontractors. In addition, our activities also include consignment management services for single-item goods to the widest range of destinations within Europe.


During the operation of our company we have always endeavoured to provide full-scale and seamless services to our partners.


Accordingly, today we the privilege to work together with a good number of multinational companies and middle-sized enterprises as our business partners, whose recognition has been gained by our client-centred and economically wise management of our business. We pay particular attention to our pricing methods, the extension of our selected group of subcontractors, our administrative and invoicing system, our daily operative business management duties and to our notification system. In order to verify the conformity of our services,

we introduced GMP+B4 certified system and a number of other inventions supporting our activities.


Our highest priority is to further increase our clientele, therefore, we wish to perform your purchase

orders at even higher standards, and if possible, in a more cost-effective manner.


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