Our activities:


International transportation


Our company manages the daily transportation of 50-60 consignments between EU and non-EU member states.

In terms of exportation of goods from Hungary –> to any destination country – our company mostly transports bulk cereals, while in  the case of importation of goods, the consignments primarily include fertilisers, protein source seeds, single-item and pallet goods.

We use kippers with backward and sideways tilting devices or walking floor lorries for the carriage of bulk goods,

while for the transportation of pallet goods and for other unit loads we typically deploy tarpaulin-covered,

cranable, top- and side-loading vehicles with 13.6 load area.


Our colleagues monitor the transport vehicles by using a GPS-based vehicle tracking system under the whole duration of the transportation services.

Main relations:

Any other destinations, we are also available to our clients.

Domestic transportation


We undertake the carriage and stock transfer of any bulk and single-item goods within Hungary. In case of bulk

goods transportation, we can provide up to 0-24 services at the harbour along River Danube during loading or unloading activities.


We can also provide continuous dispatching services for the loading and unloading of rail cars. Our rail car loading capacity is 500-750 tons/day, while our unloading capacity is 400-600 tons/day. In case of rail freight services,

we arrange at our own cost the loading permits for all Hungarian railway stations capable of accepting freight

trains. We provide the necessary data required for customs clearing and phytosanitary inspections as required by

our Customer. We can perform the dry mechanical cleaning of, and with the involvement of properly qualified

experts, the biological disinfection of rail cars. Upon the specific requests and needs of our Customers,

we apply for EKAER numbers (Electronic Road Transportation Control System) in compliance with the

Hungarian legislations, and we supply the related data.


On the occasion of loading activities at railway stations and harbours, we ensure a continuous and

accurate flow of information between the parties involved in the loading, transportation, dispatching

and receipt of goods.

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